A brilliantly progressive engineering and scientific staff has propelled Kulite to its position as global leader in the pressure transducer industry.

At the heart of the Kulite pressure transducer is the piezoresistive silicon sensor. It has evolved from a simple strain gage sensor to the high-tech, dielectrically isolated, silicon-on-insulator (SOI) sensor that is used today. Kulite has since developed the revolutionary Leadless Sensor, a SOI sensor with no gold leads. The Leadless Sensor allows the sensor to be used in high vibration, high acceleration and high temperature environments.

Kulite is currently working on the development of novel sensor materials for the next generation of pressure sensors while continuing to advance SOI pressure sensor technology to even higher levels of performance.

Ongoing investment in research and development has led to the pioneering of new sensing technologies and the improvement of existing products. The world’s smallest pressure transducers, pressure scanners, digital output transducers, high accuracy signal conditioners, high temperature flat packs used for flight testing, compressor and combustion instability measurement and high temp electronics are just a small sampling of Kulite’s key developments. Kulite is committed to not only developing the world’s best transducers but also helping our customers to make the best possible measurements.

With more than 350 patents, Kulite keeps its finger on the pulse of the industry, proudly designing and manufacturing all products at its worldwide headquarters in Leonia, New Jersey.