Coba MT aims to be a good supplier of metrology products and services.

To ensure that you as a customer get the right product with the right quality at the right price, we rely on subcontractors and partners. These are companies and products we have extensive experience with.

Our idea is that a supplier with a fixed product portfolio will seek to find a solution among its products regardless of whether it is the best. Here we will seek to find a solution that is best for you among our partners.

Even with this basic idea, we are the representative of KULITE Semiconductor which is a supplier of piezo resistive pressure sensors. This is because KULITE has a basic idea that they should design their sensors according to your requirements and not that you have to design your product according to a specific pressure sensor.

We can provide solutions for measuring pressure, weighing, force, torque, distance, position, acceleration, vibration, temperature and strain gauge measurement.

For this we can also supply amplifiers, data loggers and software for presentation, processing and storage of measurement data. We also rent equipment and can perform the entire measurement assignment where you as a customer receive measurement data in the desired format.

We are happy to help with both large and small measurement tasks. We have good experience in stretch flap measurement, weighing, pressure measurement, torque measurement and logging of measurement data.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

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