Transducers for the Oilfield Industry

The Kulite Oil-filled, pressure sensing capsule described in the Technical section of this web site has been packaged for use as a component in oil well logging tools. It is found in tools produced by some of the best known names in this field.

In addition to the well pressure sensing applications, Kulite has also produced transducers for use in seismic exploration systems, well-head controls, product separation systems and product transmission systems. These products consist of the Kulite sensor coupled to a signal conditioning electronics assembly which will convert the millivolt output of the sensor to an amplified voltage, a current or a frequency output as required by the system into which they are being incorporated. Regardless of the specific electronics module employed, all of these products can be certified Intrinsically Safe by SIRA in Europe, by CSA in Canada and in the United States.

Industrial Process Control Pressure Transducers

The technology underlying the Kulite pressure transducer is explained in detail in other sections of this site. Certain specific industrial applications are presented elsewhere in this section. (See The Automotive Pressure Transducer and Transducers for the Oilfield Industry). Everything presented in these sections holds true in the Industrial Process Control field. It is for this reason that, over the last two or three years, Kulite has been successfully replacing older technology products in such areas as Hydrogen compressors in Hydro-carbon processing plants, Industrial Diesel Engine Controls and Diagnostics , Industrial Gas Turbine controls and pneumatic braking systems, in addition to those industrial applications mentioned elsewhere in this site. To discuss the compatibility of the Kulite transducer with an application not mentioned on this site, please take contact.