Kulite pressure transducers are used on a number of Military aircraft programs and are well known for their outstanding reliability. We support Fixed Wing Aircraft, some of which are F-18, F22, F35, C130 and C-17. A number of these transducers are multi-function thus reducing weight and providing accurate data.

Kulite transducers are also used on Rotary Wing Aircraft, some of which are the V-22 Osprey, AH-1W Cobra, AH64 Apache and USCG H-65. These airborne transducers are ruggedized to provide continual service in very harsh mission environments; sand/dust, salt water, prolonged hover, ice and overheating conditions. They keep the military fleet mission ready.

Fuel Filter / Lift Fan / Single & Triple Turbo Machine / Dual, Triple & Quadruple Pressure / Electrohydrostatic Actuators

Special Products

Kulite engineering is quick to respond to “Special Needs” of adapting silicon technology and custom electronics packaging to meet increasing needs for higher reliability and bettter performance. The following are only a few examples that illustrate the versatility of the Kulite Product for Pressure – Load or Mass measurements in an aircraft environment. Our custom engineered product has led to Kulite’s position as the industry leader.

Oxygen-Nitrogen Measurement / Variable Reluctance Replacement / Electronic Pressure Switch / Potentiometric Replacement / LVDT Pressure Replacement / Synchro Replacement