Key Developments


Kulite’s ongoing extensive investments in research and development has led to the pioneering of new sensing technologies and improvement of existing products. Some of our key developments include:

  • High temp Leadless sensors with 932°F continuous operation and higher temperatures in development.
  • Cooled transducers for 1,000-2,000°F operations
  • High temp electronics for (482°F)
  • Compressor and Combustion Instabilities
  • Both Dynamic and Static Pressure Capabilities in a Single Unit
  • G-Insensitive Pressure Transducers
  • High Temperature Flat packs used for Flight Test
  • Digitally Corrected Transducers
  • Potentiometric Replacement with Solid State Technology
  • Combined Pressure/Temperature Transducers
  • World’s Smallest Pressure Transducers