Instrumentation & Measurement

World’s Smallest Transducers For Wind Tunnel Testing and the Flight Test Engineer

Customer development and testing of new products typically require very accurate and repeatable pressure measurements for their proof of concept. Kulite has pressure transducers that meet the +/- 0.1% typical “Total Error Band” needed over a wide temperature range ( -65°F to 250°F ) for these measurements. Using a transducer with a tight Total Error Band can reduce the number of transducers one must stock to be ready for the next testing cycle.

LQ-062 / LL-072 / LQ-125 / LL-250 Flat Pack Series

  • World’s Smallest
  • Patented Leadless Technology
  • Surface Mount for Blades/Vanes with High “G” Level
  • For Dynamic and Static Measurements
  • Pressure Survey on Blades, Structures and Acoustic Pressure Measurement

Amplified and Digitally Corrected Flatpacks

  • 5 VDC Output
  • Nozzle and Fuselage Applications
  • Moisture Protected

XCL/XCEL-072 Series

  • Patented Leadless Technology
  • Probe Type Pressure Transducer
  • For Dynamic and Static Measurements
  • Inlet Pressure Measurement
  • Front and Back of Compressor Measurement
  • Burner Pressure Measurement


  • World’s Smallest
  • For Wind Tunnel Applications
  • Excellent Static and Dynamic Performance
  • Rugged
  • 0.055″ Diameter
  • Available in All Standard Pressure Ranges

Inline Amplifiers

  • 5, 10 VDC
  • 4-20 mA
  • Digitally Corrected
  • Digital Output

XTEH-7L-190 Series

  • Patented Leadless Technology
  • High Natural Frequency
  • Suitable For Stall Avoidance Application
  • -65°F to +750°F (-55°C to +400°C) Temperature Capability

Pressure and Temperature / Temperature Only Transducers

  • World’s Smallest Pressure and Temperature Sensor at 6mm
  • Combined Pressure and Temperature Capability
  • Patented Leadless Technology

XTL/XTEL-140 Series

  • World’s Smallest
  • Patented Leadless Technology
  • Threaded Pressure Transducer
  • For Dynamic and Static Measurements
  • Wide Compensated Temperature Range -40°F to +450°F (-40°C to +232°C)
  • Miniature Probes and Multi-Pressure Rakes